Meet Courtney Violet Bentley

Las Vegas Personal Trainer for Women

If you’re looking to slim down, boost your metabolism, feel more confident, and just look better, I can help you achieve concrete results. As a certified personal trainer and recognized expert lecturer, I’ve been working with women of all ages and all body types for over a decade. Using a combination of dance, pilates, pylometrics, weight lifting, and nutritional planning, you will achieve the results you’ve always wanted—faster than you ever thought possible.**

Private Training in Las Vegas

If you’re in the Las Vegas or its outlying areas like Summerlin and Henderson, NV, and you’re looking for personalized attention, I can work with you. Whether one-on-one, or in one of my small, female-only groups, you will receive so much more than just personal training, including: meal plans with recipes, off-day programs, daily support, and personal assessment consultations to identify goals, roadblocks, imbalances—and how to best achieve your ideal physique.**

Customized Meal Plans

When you enter into my Customized Nutritional Meal Plans program, you will receive all the knowhow to achieve your fitness goals. I will go above and beyond any personal trainer for women—like going with you to your Las Vegas or Summerlin grocery store, planning your meals, and showing you how to cook delicious meals—without the fat.**

Weight Loss Coaching

With certifications in: Women’s Hormones and Fat Loss, Science of Fat Loss and Hormones, and Sports Nutrition—as well as a college degree in Health Sciences/Nutrition, I can help you achieve your weight loss goals. My comprehensive approach to weight loss doesn’t only involve exercise, but also a complete dietary plan personalized for you, and a motivational factor that will ensure you will succeed.**

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