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Alternative therapies to keep youthful, recover from workouts quickly and live a life of peace have hit popularity these last few years. I have tested and tried a few different types of alternative therapies and although I only stuck to one of the few I mention below, meditation, I do personally know many people who praise the benefits of each and every one of these alternative therapies. I currently meditate two times a week at RYK yoga studio and have since become addicted!


cryotherapy las vegas

Exposure to extremely cold temperatures for around 1.5-3 minutes wakes up the skin sensors which activates a Central Nervous System response. Doing Cryotherapy causes the release of feel good endorphins,  the

People often use cryotherapy for therapy and healing after major surgery but it has since become popular to help athletes and fitness elites to recover from intense training programs.

Located near Summerlin, Nevada is:

Rejuvenice Cryotherapy

  • 8751 W Charleston Blvd. #130 Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Mon-Fri: 9AM-6 PM Sat: 9AM-5 PM Sun: Closed
  • 702-487-2150
  • Website:

Motion Cryotherapy

  • 4220 S Grand Canyon Drive Suite 7 Las Vegas, NV 89147
  • Mon-Fri: 10AM – 7PM Sat: 11AM – 5PM Sun: Closed
  • 702-979-9997
  • Website:

IV Therapy:

IV Therapy Nevada

The latest fad with celebrities is IV therapy and for several reasons. It is perfect for the party girl who wants to avoid a hangover or for someone who is constantly sick or on the go. IV therapy also known as intravenous vitamin therapy is usually given as Myers’ Cocktail. This cocktail contains a large dose of  magnesium, calcium, various B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B9, and B12) and vitamin C. This heavy dosage of vitamins dripped directly into your veins give a dose of vitamins your body needs and may be lacking. Check out clinics in Summerlin, Nevada:

THB Clinics

  • 2121 East Flamingo Road Las Vegas NV 89119
  • 702-562-1454
  • Website:

Colon Hydrotherapy:

Call it a detox or a cleanse but colon hydrotherapy is exactly what it says. A tube is placed inside of you which inject water sometimes mixed with other liquids and herbs to flush out parasites, pathogenic gut flora and whatever may be backed up inside of you. If you feel in need of a detox or feel backed up this may be your solution. Experience this therapy near Summerlin, Nevada:

Las Vegan Colon Hydrotherapy

  • 1815 W Charleston Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89102
  • 702-471-0088
  • Website:

Internally Fit

  • 612 S Jones Blvd. Las Vegas, NV 89107
  • 702-521-7262
  • Website:


meditation las vegas

Meditation is the cure all of stress, anxiety, and practice of a life of wellness/mindfulness. I enjoy going for meditation class two times a week and feel that it helps me clear out my head and get me going on my path again. The first time I went I had a tough time relaxing but after that I became addicted to going and love the feeling I have in between classes. If you are looking for a way to release some stress build up or just want an hour of quiet time try a meditation class.

RYK Yoga

  • 8450 W Sahara Ave #109, Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • Hours: Monday-Friday: 9AM-12 PM, 5-9 PM Saturday: 9AM-2Pm Sunday: Closed
  • 702-752-8205
  • Website:

Yoga Sanctuary Las Vegas


Have you tried alternative therapies? Share your experience below!

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