I Offer Customized Meal Planning

If you’re already hitting a Las Vegas or Summerlin gym on a regular basis, but you’re lacking the dietary/nutritional aspect, then I can help take your fitness goals to the next level. People often spend hours a week at a gym, reaching one plateau after another, only getting part way. Say goodbye to the wasted effort and start seeing the results you’ve only dreamed of: better nails, skin, and hair, a slimmer waistline, and above all—more energy!**

  • Lose weight**
  • Build muscle**
  • Have more energy**
  • Holistic approach
  • Health coaching
  • Meal planning

My Customized Nutritional Meal Planning Method

You will receive a personalized nutritional program tailored just for you—with your body type, fitness goals, and your individual taste buds in mind. You’ll get more than the same-old Las Vegas personal trainer for women, that only provides meal ideas—with me, you’ll receive macronutrient goals, nutritional timing information, a grocery store tour, recipe books with delicious exact recipes, meal prep guys. I will even provide meal prep classes, and can even make the meals for you—anything to help you achieve your goals.**

80% of Your Physical Transformation Comes from Nutrition

Nutrition is the biggest part of looking and feeling better. I can prove it. Let’s say you perform a typical, weekly exercise routine, generally: 4 weight training sessions and 5 cardio sessions. That’s 9 chances that physical exercise gives you to impact your body. Now, say you eat the typical training diet: 3 square meals and 2 snacks a day. That’s 35 chances that your diet had to impact your body. When you work out the math, 20% of your physical transformation comes from your exercise choices, 80% comes from your nutritional choices.**

My Background in Nutrition

I’m not just your average Las Vegas personal trainer for women that operates in Summerlin and Henderson, I’m highly educated in the field of nutrition. I have obtained certifications in Women’s Hormones and Fat Loss, Science of Fat Loss and Hormones, as well as my certification as a Sports Nutrition Coach through Precision Nutrition. In addition, I studied Biomechanics in college, and received my degree in Health Sciences/Nutrition. I can help you love the skin you’re in.**