Healthy Brunch Spots Summerlin, Las Vegas

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Many people I meet tend to fall off the health wagon on the weekends. Whether it be due to a high demanding unknown schedule or just lack of self control, weekends tend to have a more relaxed vibe with diets. I have rounded up four different brunch spots you can visit with your friends and family, enjoy and not feel deprived of taste! Think of this as tasteless guilt and a fun relaxing way to enjoy a meal out of the house.

Daily Kitchen Eatery and Rotisserie

Growing up, I loved rotisserie chicken and my mom would just buy me a whole one to eat throughout the week. That taste is unlike any other and although I have tried to remake rotisserie chicken nothing compares to one that has been in the rotisserie spinning all day long. I always order a salad with organic rotisserie chicken added on top, my favorite being between the Kale Trio and Golden Beet with dressing on the side and the Green Goddess Quinoa salad. They also serve tri-tip steak which I have yet to try but looks super juicy and tasty!

Healthy Brunch Spots Summerlin, Las Vegas

  • 3645 S Town Center Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89135
  • (702) 685-7100
  • Hours : 7 AM-8 PM


If you have a family or group of friends that want to brunch out and you want to stay on the healthier side than SkinnyFats is perfect for you. The name of the restaurant is exactly what it is, half of the menu is healthy, the other half is well you can say its not the healthier choice. I tried the Zucc It as I have a love for zucchini noodles and I was impressed with the sauce and the amount of veggies inside. My next visit will be to try there tacos wrapped in whole wheat tortillas!

  • 6261 Dean Martin Dr, Las Vegas, NV 89118
  • (702) 979-9797
  • Hours : 9 AM- 9 PM

The Protein Source

When I walked into the Protein Source, I feel in love, not only were there so many selections I had a hard time picking, I could feel the passion for serving healthy food to customers. A nutritious meal does not have to be tasteless and boring, this spot has nailed that on the head. I literally stood in line and let several people pass me before I placed my order, I ended up ordering the Skinny Salmon Bowl so I could try the cauliflower mash with balsamic reduction. My meal came out and my mind was blown! I can not wait to go back and try there cucumber shooters which range from spicy, bbq and veggie stuffed.

Healthy Brunch Spots Summerlin, Las Vegas

  • 4220 S Grand Canyon Drive Las Vegas, NV 89147
  • (702) 701-7054
  • Hours :: 8 AM- 10 PM

Rachel’s Kitchen

I love this particular Rachel’s Kitchen location, not only is it close to my house but I love the outdoor covered patio area. Because it has been so hot, I tend to order a smoothie or acai bowl to enjoy while catching up with friends on the weekend. I love that the smoothies are made with vanilla frozen yogurt and delicious fresh fruits. I wrote about my favorite smoothie here.

  • 3330 S Hualapai Way, Las Vegas, NV 89117
  • (702) 233-0151
  • Hours:: 8 AM-8 PM

Have you tried any of these restaurants out? Which are your favorite?


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