Work as a team with other women to get fit

We work as a team to build core/abdominal foundation, cardio and lift our booties all while burning fat and having fun! We combine the principles of Pilates and Ballet Barre but add the cardio and resistance training needed in order to provide results. Workouts can be adjusted for any fitness level and unlike traditional bootcamps led by an army sergeant and a whistle, Bootycamp is lead by hand fives, cheering and positive affirmations! Leave every workout with a boost in your confidence, more energy and even a lift in your backside!

  • Increase your lean muscle mass, fire up your metabolism and tone you up! Muscle burns more FAT throughout the day even when you rest. Build a shapely, toned up body!
  • Prevent injuries, fire up your energy, improve your posture and circulation.
  • Make friends, be held accountable and have fun while doing it! Bootycamp is about community and our tribe sticks together through the fun times and the hard times.
  • Gain self-confidence by working towards a goal and having the support you need surrounding you!
  • Giving you nutritional support for whatever your goals may be!

ARE YOU READY? Bootcamp is located on 1924 Rock Springs Dr. Las Vegas at BodySport Vegas! Cost is $15.00 a session or 10 for $100.00! Get the encouragement from group sessions and be pushed to the limit.