Las Vegas and Summerlin Personal Trainer for Women

Are you fed up with your current lifestyle? Do you often feel tired or worn out? Are having trouble feeling confident? If you’re tired of the same vicious cycle and you’re ready to make a change—I can help. With the help of my proven methods, together we can customize a nutrition, fitness, and mind connection plan that will help you change your body, and your life. My holistic approach doesn’t require an excess of supplements or difficult dieting. Achieving results isn’t about suffering. You can have a great time doing it.**

  • Lose weight**
  • Build muscle**
  • Have more energy**
  • Holistic approach
  • Health coaching
  • Meal planning

My Proven Method

My method includes customized meal planning, metabolic typing, and personalized program design tailored for your particular fitness goals. I’m so much more than the same-old Las Vegas personal trainer; instead with me, you get an offline program for off days, complete with: recipe books and snack ideas, and daily support, and personal assessment consultations that illustrate goals, roadblocks, and imbalances.**

Semi-Private Training

Many people benefit from the support that a group setting provides. For these female-only clients in Las Vegas and its outlying areas, like Summerlin and Henderson, I often lead small group sessions as their personal trainer. You will get the same daily coaching, meal programs, nutritional advice, and personalized approach as if you were one-on-one, but with the comfort and support that comes from group bonding.

I Come to You

The Las Vegas lifestyle is hectic enough without having to fit a person trainer for women into your daily schedule; with me, you won’t have to worry about driving clear across town if you live in Summerlin or Henderson. I come to you. I will work to find a place where you feel secure in achieving your goals. Whether you would like to begin your transformation in your home, a gym, or a local park away from prying eyes, I will accommodate your needs.**