Comprehensive Weight Loss Coaching

Losing weight can seem impossible. We all want to feel super confident and look amazing—but it can be difficult without the proper know-how when temptations to over-indulge are everywhere in Las Vegas and its surrounding areas like Summerlin and Henderson; you need a weight loss personal trainer for women that will provide a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach to getting rid of that stubborn belly fat.**

  • Lose weight**
  • Build muscle**
  • Have more energy**
  • Holistic approach
  • Health coaching
  • Meal planning

The Physical Approach

As a certified personal trainer in both TRX suspension training and Kettlebell weight training, I can provide a simple yet effective, custom workout routine tailored for your particular weight loss goals—focusing on your specific body type. This regiment will build lean muscle while strengthening your core. Not only did I study biomechanics in college, I have a background as a cheerleader and a professional ballerina. I will provide you with a fun pilates/plyometrics/dance-influenced cardio routine that will slim your figure—while enjoying yourself!**

The Dietary Approach

Losing weight isn’t just about physical exercise. Women’s bodies change due to hormonal factors, often resulting from childbirth. I have my certification in Women’s Hormones and Fat Loss, as well as Science of Fat Loss and Hormones. Combined with my college degree in Health Sciences/Nutrition, I can help you to customize meal plans perfect for your weight loss goals, including: a grocery store tour, delicious exact recipes, meal prep classes, defining macronutrient goals, and nutritional timing.**

The Mental Approach

Losing weight isn’t just about going through the motions, there’s a large mental factor as well. Be careful you don’t go with your stock Las Vegas or Summerlin personal trainer for women. As a featured motivational speaker and recognized expert by companies like Livestrong and SweatGuru, I know what it takes to keep my female clients motivated. Not only do I provide weekly or biweekly check-ins—I make myself always available via email and What’s App.**